FROM 30/01/20 TO 02/02/2020

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M2 F87 Coupè 3.0 (272kW)

+ 33,6 HP

Well the car has a much more linear acceleration now! The extra power is felt immediately. You can feel it especially at low rounds and the sound is naturally much improved! The cracklings in sport mode have quintupled and the noise is much more full-bodied and metallic! When you turn on the machine with the engine cold, the first 15 seconds are almost embarrassing because of the noise coming from the exhaust! It sounds like a racing car! I must say that I have been thoroughly pleased with the result! Finally I have been also touched by the kindness of all your team, from the office to Paolo and to the workshop! I can only say: “Well done”

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RS3 (typ 8V) Sedan 2.5TFSI Quattro (294kW)

+ 16 HP

+ 22 Nm

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RS3 (typ 8V) Sportback 2.5TFSI Quattro (294kW)

+ 22,2HP


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